Meet The Dancers of Kinetic Elements: Hilary

Posted: January 7, 2010 in Dancers
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Hilary is a Toronto-based dancer, actor, and vocalist. She attended Windsor’s St. Clair College, where she received her diploma in Music Theatre Performance and extensive training as a ‘triple threat’. Since then, she has had the pleasure of working with companies such as Random Acts of Dance, Back Burner Productions, Mixed Company Theatre, W Network, and TLN Television in conjunction with Canada’s Wonderland. She is proud to teach with U Got Dance, Toronto’s largest mobile dance studio, and has previous experience teaching for other after-school dance companies and studios in the area.

Hilary’s dance training spans a wide range of styles including jazz, modern, hip hop, ballet, and tap, and she would love to add latin and ballroom  to that list in the near future! A true believer in the value of hard work, Hilary continues to take classes from artists and educators across the city, and she feels lucky to have learned from dancers whom she admires.

Hilary is thrilled to be working with Kendra Hughes and can’t wait to see what her future with Kinetic Elements will hold!


Favourite Book?

“Scorched” (Wajdi Mouawad),”The Unnatural and Accident Women” (Marie Clements), “Eat Mangoes Naked” (Sark), and ANY crossword puzzle book.

How did you first get into dance?

As far as structured dancing, my parents put me into ballet classes at a local community centre when I was four years old.

What is one great moment in your life?

Singing “My Party Dress” at an Alzheimer’s benefit concert this year. It was a wonderful feeling to be able to make people laugh

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

Seeing the work of, or taking class from, dancers that I truly admire.

What turns you off?

An unwillingness to try new things and challenge oneself.


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