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Sheelah has studied at various studios throughout Durham and York Regions, including her professional studies at York University where she was given the opportunity to indulge her passion of all things related to dance.   During this time she was fortunate to work with many great choreographers, such as Darcy Callison, Carol Anderson, Holly Small, Jennifer Bolt, Peggy Baker, Darryl Tracy and Matthew Waldie.  The influence of these renowned choreographers inspired Sheelah to pursue her own choreographical ideas.  Sheelah has presented choreographed works at Peterborough’s ‘Emergency #12’, TIDF affiliated with the fFIDA festival and most recently in Toronto’s ‘Women In Dance’ Showcase.  

Sheelah has also completed her Bachelor of Education Degree, which landed her a teaching position as a high school educator teaching dance and/or visual art.  Currently Miss Brouwer is teaching dance, leadership and philosophy at Clarington Central Secondary School in Bowmanville.  

Sheelah plans to further purse her passion in educating today’s students to be the future of the world of dance, in both the high school and private studio settings, while continuing to develop new works 




Who Is Your Biggest Inspiration?

My parents.  My mother as a disabled woman who never gives up fighting, and my father for his endless love and devotion towards my mother.

Why Dance?

It’s the one place where I feel I can speak the loudest without having to say a word.  It’s a silent confession. 

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

The magic of inspiration…the fact that it is in anything anywhere. 

What turns you off?

People who won’t understand art. 

Future Aspirations?

 To continue to learn and develop as an artist, choreographer, dancer and teacher.  To settle into a happy life with the love of my life.

International Dance Day – Pearson Airport

Kinetic Elements is happy to announce that they will be performing at Pearson Airport, Terminal 1 on Thursday April 29th- International Dance Day. See you at 1:oopm!


Kinetic Elements is happy to support fellow friends`Grouch on a couch`!

We donated a free session of classes to their fundraiser that they had last weekend. The fundraiser was supported by many and it was a huge success! Congratulations to all the winners!

For more information on this one man show please visit:!/group.php?v=wall&gid=267307151646

Stay tuned for news and events!