Kinetic Elements appreciates any support that you could lend. All the money goes directly into the company for rehearsals, costumes, etc. If you want to donate, but have more questions please feel free to contact our artistic director Kendra at

Kinetic Elements - Kitchener's Snow Ball 2009

There are many costs that come with producing a show and we are working towards our not-for-profit status, so at this time we cannot write a tax-exemption form when you donate, but we can do various other things such as; listing your company and company information on our website, Facebook fan page, etc.

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Desired Pro Bono Services:

-Photography Services
-Videography Services
-Graphic Design (ie. flyers, newsletters, website)
-Printing Services (ie. Brochure, letterhead, flyers,posters)
-Rehearsal Space
-Legal Services