Eternal Eclipse Trailer

Kinetic Elements was a part of the 2010 Toronto Fringe Festival last summer. It was a wonderful experience. Here is a short trailer of our show. Enjoy!

ETERNAL ECLIPSE explores the stories of the gods and goddesses which inspired the names of the planets orbiting our solar system. Tales of forbidden love, scandal and irresistible power are expressed through the visual narrative of contemporary dance. The dancers create a universe full of exciting movement while recreating kingdoms of legend. Experience space with Kinetic Elements this summer!



Venus is a  contemporary/modern dance piece about relationships. This piece represents a kind of relationship that we sometimes find ourselves in, that might not be the best. How we can blind ourselves to the reality of a situation and what is really going on around us. There is a journey with the dancers from the beginning to breaking free of the relationship.

Moulin Rouge – The Bazaar

Kinetic Elements was a part of the movie theme of The Bazaar!! Co-choreographed by Kendra Hughes and Ashima Suri.

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