Potential Elements

Kinetic Elements is looking for young dancers under the age of 19 for a junior company called Potential Elements. The Junior Company will be formed for a training program titled The Mirror Project and it will look at the whole dancer; mind and body. This 9 week program will start April 3rd and will run every Sunday from 1:00 pm- 4:00 pm. At the end of this program Potential Elements will perform at the Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival as part of the Youth Move Series at the River Run Centre on Sunday June 5, 2011.

With Potential Elements, our mission statement is to train young dancers not only physically; but mentally and emotionally as well. We are dedicated to these young dancers by training them in contemporary dance, while also taking a look at the concept of beauty, and transcending the conventional ideas of beauty posed by society. Each week through dance and movement, Kendra Hughes along with members of Kinetic Elements, will facilitate classes on self-esteem, confidence, and creativity. Interested members please send their name, age and dance experience to kendra@kendrahughes.com


Who should submit their information?
Young dancers under the age of 19 years of age with some dance experience

If accepted how much will the training program cost?
$250 for the 9 weeks training, plus a costume fee

What do I get for $250?
An official Potential Elements t-shirt
Dance training from Kinetic Elements members *some of top and leading dancers in the industry*
Performance at the Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival
Other performance opportunities in the Toronto area

To view the full flyer click Potential Elements Flyer

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