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Kinetic Elements performed this year as part of the Take Two Program at Series 8:08. Here is a short excerpt of the second performance in November. Feel free to leave some of your feedback as well!


I love the information age! At a touch of a button we have so much at our fingertips. Kinetic Elements is on twitter and you can follow us for inspirational quotes, quick tips, facts and the latest news about what is going on with our company. As well a chance to win free tickets to shows, free classes and more!

Here is a list of fantastic people in the dance world that we recommend to follow on twitter:

Answers for Dancers : Grover Dale had one goal in mind when he launched his site in 1999. Get dancers employed and keep them working. How? Job opportunities and on-the-job know-how.

Dance Advantage : Dance writer/blogger, instructor, giving students, teachers & parents an edge in dance education. Busy mommy to a toddler too! If you follow, try and keep up 😉

4Dancers : A blog for dancers, dance teachers and others interested in dance

Rhee Gold : Publisher Dance Studio Life magazine | Producer

Tights and Tiaras : A blog introducing ballet to outsiders, and providing a unique insight to a male professional ballet dancers life

Who do you follow on twitter for all the latest in dance? Comment below to let us know who we missed!

Keep dancing!


Contemporary Sessions have started up again and we are having so much fun.  All the students that registered were entered into a draw to receive the eight week session for FREE! Dayna was a our lucky winner this session. Congrats Dayna!

I teach dance classes to all ages around the city and I wanted to dedicate a post to making the most out of your dance classes. Here are some tips that I find helpful:

1) Arrive in enough time to stretch before class. Especially if you have an injury or sore muscles, you want to make sure that you prepare your body for the class by stretching and warming it up. As well, I find just being there early, I am not frazzled or worried about getting to the class on time and I can bring my mind to the here and now! It makes it easier for me to focus in the class.

2) Dress and hair!! You want to come appropriately dressed in comfortable clothes that you can move in. As well you want your hair out of your face, so you can concentrate on working on those turns and jumps and not have to worry about your hair getting in your eyes. Depending on the class some teachers would prefer you wear your hair in a bun or a ponytail. If your hair is too short or if you have bangs, bobby pins and hair bands are a great way to keep the hair out of your eyes.

3) Set a goal. It helps if you have a goal in mind for the class. Do you always stand at the back? Do you want to work on emulating the teacher? In a dance class you want to have a specific goal in mind that you are going to work on for that class. You might decide that today is the day that you are going to stand in the front row of the class. Or you are going to take more risks when dancing, put more feeling into the moves. It is important to give your mind something to focus on during the class so you can push yourself to new heights and get the most out of class.

4) Have fun! Remember this is your time to get out the stresses of the day, to just focus on yourself and have some me time. So coming prepared and on time makes it easier for you to enjoy the class. Once you are there claim your space and get ready to sweat. Remember to push yourself and set goals. You will get more results and quicker! Most importantly – have fun!!

Happy dancing !

Elizabeth Vecchio

Elizabeth Vecchio has had the passion of dance for over 15 years. Her roots formed through recreational classes, where she moved forward to dance competitively, attended Arts High School ESA, and has recently graduated from the York University Dance Program. Elizabeth has been blessed to have studied & performed varying forms of dance in Canada and abroad. Performance highlights include working with Sure Jazz Korea, City Dance Corps, fFIDA, Canopy Theatre & Thrive Entertainment! She has also had the pleasure of working with industry leaders such as Shawn Byfield, Linda Garneau, Annie Wood & So You Think You Can Dance Canada Judge Luther Brown.

Photo by Tim Bermingham

Q & A

What would your perfect day consist of?

Laying in the sunshine with a fantastic book by the ocean

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Others around me who have achieved Self-Happiness

How did you get into dance?

My Mom put me in recreational dance when I was clumsy and had 2 left feet! I haven’t stopped since!

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

When I am just genuinely happy about even the smallest thing, laughter makes me feel ready to rule the world

What turns you off?

Unjust Criticism

You can see Elizabeth with Kinetic Elements at the last Bazaar – Night at the movies! Check it out here:

Odds are if you have ever been to a dance audition before, you have been asked to freestyle. If you have not come across this experience yet, then you probably will soon. It is very common to be taught a few counts of 8 for an audition and then to freestyle at the end by the choreographer. Or maybe you have made the first cut and now the choreographer wants to see more.

What is a choreographer looking for during your freestyle?

Your energy, your musicality or there might be something else specific that the choreographer is particularly looking for.

How do I freestyle?

You are a unique dancer, you have your own style and flair. This is where you would show the choreographer the best of your best. Do you know some acro tricks? Can you do any impressive jumps or can you turn like no one else?~ Now is the time do these moves and show your personality. If you have been asked to freestyle don’t panic, take some deep breaths before starting the combination, find the timing of the music and dance your heart out.

If you are worried and have never had to freestyle before, it is always a good idea to practice at home or in the studio when you have some time. Just turn on some music and dance!  The more you practice on your own, the less intimidating it will be do you in an audition setting when you could have the chance at your dream job.

Remember to have fun with it!

~If you have any comments or questions feel free to post below~

Great job dancers!

Next week is a holiday weekend and there will be no beginner contemporary class, but check out our classes tab to read all about the new sessions and a new class starting. Hope to see you there!

Here is an example of a beginner contemporary class with Kendra:

5 Tips on how to audition

Auditions are the single best way to get yourself out there. Sometimes they can be daunting, but here are some tips on how to do a successful dance audition. Please feel free to leave comments or other tips that I might have missed!

1. Great a good night’s sleep the night before

Nothing can more important that getting a good night’s sleep before an audition. Getting the proper amount of sleep can leaving you not only looking your best, but feeling your best. You never know what is going to get thrown at you at your audition. Most likely you will be asked to freestyle or you might be given specific direction of what the artistic director wants to see different. A good night’s sleep will better prepare you for these moments. It was the first audition tip that came to @mattox1 on Twitter. Good advice!

2. Don’t look like you are about to take a dance class

When showing up for an audition don’t wear clothes that look like you are about to take a class. Wear something that reflects your personality and that makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd. As well ladies, you want to wear some makeup. Of course you don`t want mascara streaming down your face while you are dancing, but you want to wear at least some makeup. You want to fit the look of the company that you are interested in auditioning for.  Do your research **see the last tip**

3. Remember – the audition starts the moment you walk in the door

From the moment you enter an audition, whoever is on the panel is watching you. Are you friendly? Are you talking to other dancers? Companies only have a short time to get to know who you are and if you are right for the company. Remember, the company doing the auditions want YOU, they want dancers who are friendly, easy to work with and who makes friends with other dancers. Remember you are on display from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you walk out the door.

4. If you mess up – keep going!

This is to go along with tip number 3. If you make a mistake during the audition, don`t worry about it and just keep going! Most likely those who are running the audition are more interested in your style, your personality and how well you handle these moments like making mistake during the audition. Just keep going and show your love of dance!

5. Do your research

There is nothing worse than showing up to an audition not doing your research. It says a lot to me when a candidate gets into the interview process and has seen videos on YouTube, or knows a little bit about the company and the dancers. I had one dancer asked me during the greeting ask me what kind of dancing my company does. This is not the first impression you want to make on an artistic director or a choreographer. If you haven`t seen the dance company live at one of their shows, check out and see if they have a website, or a page on YouTube, or are they on twitter? With all the different social media websites out there, information is easier to find, take advantage of it.

Last Note:

If you do not get an audition, do not let it stop you from pursuing your dreams. There are so many reasons why a dancer does not get a part. The important thing to remember is that you are going to auditions and putting yourself out there. Just keep taking classes, meeting other dancers and have some fun with it! Best of luck in the future!