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Here is the latest video from our Launch Party that we had a month ago TODAY! Thanks to all who came out and showed their support! Stay tuned for more!


Last weekend was so much fun! Even though we lost an hour Kinetic Elements was getting ready for the Fringe Promotional deadline!!! Pictures were taken, videos were made and this is only the beginning!

Here is a quick image of things to come!

We are giving you a behind the scenes look! Check out Kinetic Elements at rehearsal.

Chase Lo

Chase is somewhat of a latecomer to the world of professional dance – his training began as a dancer in high school. But according to his mother, the earliest memory she has of him dancing was when he was 7 years old, busting it out on the dance floor at his uncle’s wedding.   So Chase has been movin’ and shakin’ since he was a kid.

 It was precisely in grade 10 that Chase began his dance training.  He decided to pursue hip hop dance because the beats were always fun to groove and pop to! He studied the genre at various dance studios and went on to perform at his high school’s annual talent show for the next 3 years.  It was also during this time that he started to explore choreography – often times working in collaboration with other dancers to create routines.

After high school, Chase continued to train as a dancer and he even joined a professional hip hop dance troupe.  But his dance pursuits were placed on hold due many hospitalizations as a result of multiple lung collapses. During this period in his life, Chase had to withdraw from many of his passions including school in order to focus on his health. Although he has had many setbacks they did not diminish his love for dance.

 In 2009 was when Chase would perform again – but this time as solo. As a solo artist, he incorporates different types of movements into his dance style such as contemporary, physical theatre and of course his hip hop dance background. He recently performed his first solo piece at Granny Boots for Asian Arts Freedom School and is lined up to perform for The Alt’s upcoming Midnight Market event. 

 In 2010 Chase joined Kinetic Elements.  He is absolutely delighted to be a member of such a dynamic and creative dance collective! He hopes to continue his training and he looks forward to performing with the group! If you want to get in contact with Chase, you can find him on Facebook or check out his blog:      


Who is your biggest inspiration?

I am most inspired by people who are shamelessly and relentlessly themselves 24/7 despite being in a world that does not accept them for who they are

What keeps you dancing?

Dancing continues to make me feel alive

Future Aspirations?

As Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world” I aspire to live by that quote full heartedly.      



What a Night!

We had a great time last night. Thank you for all the supporters who came out in the cold rain to see Kinetic Elements. A big thank you to the companies who donated services and goods:

QIP – Burlington

M Life Studio –

Rhythm Spa –

OIP Dance –

Me to We Style –

It was a fun night full of dance, music and fun. Stay tuned for what is coming next!

Here are some pictures from the night…

Photo Credit: Anil Phulesar

Before the show


Dovercourt Penthouse


Group Piece


Last dance of the night!


After Party

Kinetic Elements Launch Party

Where: Dovercourt House
805 Dovercourt Rd
3rd Floor
Toronto, ON
When: Doors open at 6:30pm and Performances start at 8pm
Admission: $10.00

Get ready to launch!

Kinetic Elements is in the Toronto Fringe Festival this year. Come on out for fun, drinks and see some of our current works in progress and finished pieces.

Drinks, dancing and mingling afterwards.

Kinetic Elements is pleased to announce some wonderful prizes to give away at the launch party!

Free Dance Classes

Free Massage and other spa services!

Free Photo shoot

ANNNNNND lots more!! Don’t miss out!

See you tonight!

Kendra Hughes