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It is hard to pick just one favourite moment in my career, but I wanted to share with you one of the moments in the past year that ranks as one of the top 3 for me. This year that Kinetic Elements performed at FAT: Fashion Alternative week in Toronto. The atmosphere was incredible. The crowd was packed, the music was blaring – you could feel the vibration in your bones and I got to walk down the runway! It was an amazing experience!

Thank you to FAT for having us and a huge thank you to all the dancers that brought their wonderful talent to this event.


Thanks to our amazing friend Ru, here is a video introduction of our artistic director and choreographer Kendra Hughes. For more information please visit!

Stay tuned for dates and times to upcoming performances!

A View From The Inside

This article is written by Kinetic Elements’ member Ashima Suri.

I took a deep breath and worked my way into the studio for the audition.  I remember feeling intensely hot and I could feel my heartbeat faster.  And I hadn’t even started to dance yet!

It was July 2009 – a hot summer day and a moment I was waiting for.  The Kinetic Elements (KE) audition!  I remember seeing Choreographer of Kinetic Elements, Kendra Hughes, in pictures and videos on Facebook and thinking, I want to learn from her one day.  The week of the KE audition I took classes every day – doing whatever I could to mentally and physically prepare myself for the big day!

I’m not sure how I did on the day of the audition but I do remember leaving feeling great.  I was part of Kinetic Elements group! And little did I know at that time – that this was just the beginning of an amazing journey!

Fast forward to almost a year later and the journey has indeed been a surreal one.  I’ll be the first to admit that the journey wasn’t always a smooth one.  There were definitely some bumps along the way, but it is overcoming those bumps and moving forward that makes a person grow, develop and become stronger.

And now the big day is approaching! Kinetic Elements is performing at the 2010 Toronto Fringe Festival! About 6 months ago, as I stood outside waiting for a streetcar, I received a call from Kendra with the news that we will be in the Fringe! The excitement was contagious and for the rest of the evening I couldn’t stop smiling.

And today, I’m along side some of the most fantastic dancers and in awe of their strength as performers.  I’m learning from an amazing choreographer whom I have learned so much from this past year.  It has all been one big blessing and I’m eternally grateful.

And as I think back to where we started, I slowly begin to unravel the reality of where we are heading and I can’t help but to keep on smiling.  Smiling all the way to the Bathurst Theatre for the 2010 Fringe Festival with the Kinetic Elements crew.  July 2nd will be a great day! J


Sheelah has studied at various studios throughout Durham and York Regions, including her professional studies at York University where she was given the opportunity to indulge her passion of all things related to dance.   During this time she was fortunate to work with many great choreographers, such as Darcy Callison, Carol Anderson, Holly Small, Jennifer Bolt, Peggy Baker, Darryl Tracy and Matthew Waldie.  The influence of these renowned choreographers inspired Sheelah to pursue her own choreographical ideas.  Sheelah has presented choreographed works at Peterborough’s ‘Emergency #12’, TIDF affiliated with the fFIDA festival and most recently in Toronto’s ‘Women In Dance’ Showcase.  

Sheelah has also completed her Bachelor of Education Degree, which landed her a teaching position as a high school educator teaching dance and/or visual art.  Currently Miss Brouwer is teaching dance, leadership and philosophy at Clarington Central Secondary School in Bowmanville.  

Sheelah plans to further purse her passion in educating today’s students to be the future of the world of dance, in both the high school and private studio settings, while continuing to develop new works 




Who Is Your Biggest Inspiration?

My parents.  My mother as a disabled woman who never gives up fighting, and my father for his endless love and devotion towards my mother.

Why Dance?

It’s the one place where I feel I can speak the loudest without having to say a word.  It’s a silent confession. 

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

The magic of inspiration…the fact that it is in anything anywhere. 

What turns you off?

People who won’t understand art. 

Future Aspirations?

 To continue to learn and develop as an artist, choreographer, dancer and teacher.  To settle into a happy life with the love of my life.


Kendra Hughes is a choreographer/dancer/actor based in Toronto. Kendra attended George Brown College in their dance foundation program with a main focus in ballet. Since then she has been breaking the boundaries of dance with fresh choreography and hard work. Kendra has trained all over the world, including New York, Orlando and at the Sydney Dance Company in Australia. Taking classes from choreographers such as; Luther Brown, Pamela Bolling, Kathleen Rea, Slam, and Rhapsody. 

Kendra worked with Illusionist Ryan Joyce for many years as one of the creative driving forces behind the demanding choreography required in one of Canada’s largest touring illusion shows. Her passion for the stage and understanding of theatre has been crucial to the show’s success. Together with Ryan, Kendra was asked to choreograph and perform not only across Canada, but in India and Qatar as well.

Kendra has been a member of many Toronto’s leading dance companies including: Toronto Aerial Dance Project, Grace ‘N Style, Black Magic and the Hamilton Modern Dance Company. Kendra also has been a guest choreographer for many of the dance companies stated above, as well as the Toronto Hot Rock Dance Team.

Kendra is always striving for new material and stretching the creative limits of her dance.


What would your perfect day consist of?

Get up in the late morning and go to work where I perform a show 5 times a day (in Florida). We would finish up around 4pm where we would all go to the beach and play games and suntan until the sun went down. At night I would teach dance or visit with friends and family some more. There would be lots of music, laughter and love.

Favourite Book?

Right now here are my favourites!

Fiction: Thousand Splendid Suns – Khaled Hosseini (I feel like I am the last person in the World to read this book. It was so good)
Non-Fiction: Playing with matches- Amy Cameron (I found this one by surprise and I loved it!)

What keeps you dancing?

It is my passion, my drive. Dance is like breathing. It gets me through the hardest day or helps me rejoice in the happiest day. I cannot imagine what I would have done without dance in my life.

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

Music, it doesn’t matter if I am playing it or listening to it. Music has always been an important part of my life!

One great moment in your life

Being a big part of changing one little boy’s life in Florida. I can make people happier through dance, I can reach them through story telling. Miracles can happen and they do everyday.

Another great class!

Don’t forget a new session starts in March, sign up today!

Kaylan Shearer

Kaylan is a born dancer.  She grew up training in reputable dance studios where she had the privilege of studying classical and modern ballet, lyrical dance, jazz, tap, acrobatics, hip hop and musical theatre.  For over 15 years Kaylan enjoyed the hard work and dedication necessary to create a successful career on the global competitive circuit. Upon turning 18 she decided to push her career to a professional level.  Deciding to venture out of her modern ballet comfort zone, she auditioned and joined the DLM Performing Dance Company.  Here she flourished under the direction of Danny Davalos and Luther Brown (Do Dat Entertainment). 

DLM provided the training and opportunity to continue to grow as a dancer and choreographer.  Branching out from this, Kaylan began to run a private dance company Regiment 15, where her performance and choreography skills were further developed and highlighted.  Training continued in the Millenium Dance Complex in Los Angeles under the instruction of incredible talents including Shane Sparks, Damien Davis, Marty Kudelka and Shotyme.

Time at the Millenium Dance Complex was cut short by the onset of a serious illness that threatened to permanently end Kaylan’s dance career.  After learning to walk again, she regained the full use of her body and athleticism through the practice of yoga.  Daily practice lead to a profound love of the yogic arts and principles, and Kaylan decided to become a teacher specializing in Hatha and Kundalini Yoga, as well as Meditation.

With a fresh fire for dance, Kaylan has been hard at work building her career as a performer, teacher and choreographer – and combining it all with yoga.  She now teaches specialized workshops for dancers that combine breathing techniques as well as training designed to protect against injury, balance the body and enhance regular dance practice. 

There is no limit to achievement.  No dream that can’t come true; So long as you let your heart lead, and work passionately in all you do.


What Would Your Perfect Day Consist Of?

Waking up just before the sun to practice yoga and meditate.  This is followed by the eating of freshly home made waffles (shout outs to Starving Artist) and fresh fruit with coffee that by some sort of magic contains neither carcenogens nor pesticide residue.  I like it steaming hot with a double shot of skim milk and a tsp of unrefined brown sugar.  From here I head out the door without feeling like I need make up or high heels.  I head to work – which in a perfect day would be a blend of teaching dance, dancing, and teaching yoga.
The day spills over into night, and I break to grab a bite to eat with a bunch of friends, loved ones and other people.  Where we are eating there is a live local band rocking out, and the show is fressshh.  We end up rockin out just a little, but have to leave to get ready for our own performance. 
We get to the venue on time, everything is good to go.  Sound, lights, people lined up around the block to get tickets.  50% of ticket sales to be donated to charity – just saying.  Dress rehearsals have been seamless the past few days, so the nerves are behaving like stressless belly butterflies.  It’s exciting.  Cue is called, stepping out onto the stage the crowd erupts – which makes me want to cry for the joy of it all. 
Performance is a best.  I know I’ve entertained and planted some good seeds of independant thought, living fearlessly and loving life and everything in it.  Pack up quick.  Go home and eat ice cream with a glass of good wine…because on a perfect day they go well together, and bypass my fat cells.  Stretch out a little.  Head to bed.  Read.  Write.  Reflect. Pray.  Sleep sound.
That would be the most perfect day possible at this point in my life.


What keeps you dancing?

Absolute joy.  Dance gives me energy, and is how I prefer to spend the majority of my energy.  It is a place that I go where I can burn, explore, develop, learn, feel utterly beautiful, gain understanding alter perspective through discovering new shapes, movements, abilities, realize and respect the different parts of me….plus it keeps me in shape.  It is where I am most comfortable creating.  I can teach it, and spread the joy to others through it

Who’s Your Favourite Artist?

Brandon Boyd of Incubus.  For so many reasons

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?


What turns you off?

Sleep depravation

Catch Kaylan performing at our launch party at the end of this month! Click here to find out more details.