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Kendra is going to be on the Toronto Jay Variety Show this Friday! Tune in online from 2-3pm at  We will be talking about Kinetic Elements, the shows, the events, the classes and more. Find out what we are up to in the next little bit.  You don’t want to miss it! Make sure you tune in.

Ashima Suri is a dancer/choreographer/actor/writer and public speaker. Her journey into dance began at a very early age. She began her training in Indian classical dance and Bollywood dance which she performed in a variety of different stage shows across Toronto, the U.K and the Middle East.

Her interest in other forms of dance also began at an early age and she started to create and choreograph her own performances using hip hop and contemporary techniques.

In her late teens, she had fallen in-love with Contemporary dance after taking a series of classes in the Middle East. Her first big break was when she was chosen to be an Assistant Choreographer for the hit musical Grease.

She continued in this path and in university, participated and led dance groups into competitions across Ontario.

Ashima currently has her own dance group called Limitless Productions. It’s a group that strives on using performance as a way to not only entertain, but to break down barriers, inspire change and create community.

Most recently Ashima is thrilled to be dancing for Choreographer and Dancer, Kendra Hughes from Kinetic Elements.


What would your perfect day consist of?  

Having a theme-like-party on a beach or some place hot and inviting all my friends and family! And treating them all to a spa day and other fabulous surprises

Why dance? 

I know that the moments where I wasn’t dancing , I felt like something was incomplete.  Dancing and choreography is like the food I eat — it is fuel for my soul!

Do you have a mentor?

I have been lucky to have many mentors in my life however, one that sticks out and someone who has been my biggest mentor is my professor from University.  He inspired me to be myself, to speak up and ask a lot of questions and fight for what I believe in ! 

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? 

Music !  I love music

What is one of your future aspirations?

To continue in the self-discovery journey and to make a difference in all that I do

Welcome to our first V-Blog!