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What a Night!

We had a great time last night. Thank you for all the supporters who came out in the cold rain to see Kinetic Elements. A big thank you to the companies who donated services and goods:

QIP – Burlington

M Life Studio –

Rhythm Spa –

OIP Dance –

Me to We Style –

It was a fun night full of dance, music and fun. Stay tuned for what is coming next!

Here are some pictures from the night…

Photo Credit: Anil Phulesar

Before the show


Dovercourt Penthouse


Group Piece


Last dance of the night!


After Party

Kinetic Elements Launch Party

Where: Dovercourt House
805 Dovercourt Rd
3rd Floor
Toronto, ON
When: Doors open at 6:30pm and Performances start at 8pm
Admission: $10.00

Get ready to launch!

Kinetic Elements is in the Toronto Fringe Festival this year. Come on out for fun, drinks and see some of our current works in progress and finished pieces.

Drinks, dancing and mingling afterwards.

Kinetic Elements is pleased to announce some wonderful prizes to give away at the launch party!

Free Dance Classes

Free Massage and other spa services!

Free Photo shoot

ANNNNNND lots more!! Don’t miss out!

See you tonight!

Kendra Hughes

Music is what feelings sound like – Unknown

Music has always been a very important part of my life and as a choreographer even more so. Kinetic Elements has aligned their newest and latest work with musician Erik Raymond. The music is what is helping create the company, the feel and the style.

Erik Raymond

Erik Raymond is a Montreal born musician raised and residing in Burlington, He writes, produces and engineers music. Some of you might remember him as the DJ/Synth player from 30odd08, Erik is currently working on 4 other projects as well, Hiigarrah, Non-Zero, Ebony & Lolindir and also he does music under his own name as a solo artist.  In addition to music projects, Erik manages a video and music production company called Midnight Fabrications. The work includes two movies, produced three full albums as well as produced a third party group’s album.  Hiigarrah’s album entitled Lucidity Versus Obscurity was released thought Midnight Fabrications and the label is going to release more albums in the future. 


The first song that I used for my choreography was Pandora`s Box for my piece called Antevasin. Erik tell us a little bit about where the inspiration came from for this song:

This song pretty much represented a turning point in Non-Zero’s sound and
direction.  After completing the final tracks on the first album “Second Gen.
Organic” I still had a burning desire to add more tracks to the record, but it
was time to close the book on that album.  However, Pandora’s box was a track I
had written during the Second Gen record with a group of songs done with some
new equipment.  Even though the record was done I had a million ideas flowing
out of me with the lack of restrictions my gear was providing.  Pandora’s Box
was written, engineered and finalized in 4 hours one winter morning.  I knew the
song didn’t belong on the first record for two reasons, 1. the album was full,
complete and complimentary on its own and 2. Pandora’s box sounded so different
from the rest of the record that it pretty much started a new chapter in Non-
Zero’s story.  Since the song was indeed different I named it as such, it was
like a doorway had open to a new world or a box had opened with an alien like
sensation pouring out.  To me the song meant things were different and never
going to be the same in a new and exciting way.

The newest piece Kinetic Elements uses has a totally different feel to it, could you give us an inside look at Mode III?

More or less Mode 3 was one of the first songs I wrote at the beginning of the
30odd08 project.  The Day I wrote it I was in the studio and had just finished
a 10 hour stretch on 30odd08’s first album recording efforts and I had some
spare time in the outer sound room with my rig.  I was still in a creative mind
frame as I was all day from the other record, and I didn’t want to stop, so I
went to work on my own.  Within one hour I had nearly completed the track

Let`s hear a little more about you:

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Bill Leeb and Ryhs Fulber of Delerium and Front Line Assembly as well as Fredrick Thordendale of Meshuggah and Special Defects, taught me a lot about breaking away from the cookie cutter music that seems to be everywhere

When did you start making music? 

When I was ten my parents gave me a small keyboard for X-mas, made a few licks of my own right there but when I turned 14 I was introduced to Drumming and computer tracked music, I wrote over 100 songs on my PC at home that year

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? 

The world, humanity, compassion, beauty, a women’s eyes, mountains, valleys, plains, there’s a lot in this world to behold and enjoy and come to love

What turns you off?

Nothing on this planet is worse that blatant ignorance

Future Aspiration? 

To have recorded 8 full length albums, to have built my own rat rod (oldschool hotrod 100% fabricated) and have a family of my own in a house on a hillside

Meet Erik at our Launch Party this Saturday: 805 Dovercourt Rd, 3rd Floor.  Only $10 admission!

Also, you can visit him here

Kinetic Elements is performing at the Latin Bazaar! Don’t miss this steamy duet. Come see some of the best dancers and choreographers in Toronto!

Opera House
735 Queen Street East
Doors open @ 9:30pm
Show time @ 10:00pm

Advance tickets: $15
Doors: $20
19+ event (ID REQUIRED)

Have you got your tickets?

Another great class!

Don’t forget a new session starts in March, sign up today!


8 Week Beginner Contemporary Classes


8 Week Beginner Contemporary Dance Sessions to start in March!

Kendra is offering a new session of beginner contemporary dance classes to start on Sunday March 14, 2010. Two levels are being offered this time:

3:00pm – 4:00pm Level 1: for those who have never dance before and have always wanted to! This class is for you!

4:00pm – 5:00pm Level 2: for those who used to dance, but it’s been awhile, or has been trained in other dance forms and wants to give contemporary dance a try!

Classes are held at George Brown College, Casa Loma campus 160 Kendal Ave. Studio TBA! Sundays March 14th to May 2nd.

Come learn contemporary dance in a fun and safe learning environment. We work on technique and learn a new combination every week!

***These are not drop in classes****

Only $80 for 8 weeks if you sign up before March 1st! After March 1st the price goes up to $100 for the 8 weeks, so don’t miss out! Sign up at Please state which level you want to sign up for along with your information.

For more information you can visit

See you there!

Kendra Hughes


Kinetic Elements will be performing Antevasin full length for the first time ever. Come out to see this World Premiere! We are a part of the What Are You Doing Down There? Festival. Some things got switched around, but 100% we are performing on Sunday, February 21st! People have been saying many great things about Antevasin, you don’t want to miss it!

Find out more about this wonderful festival here!